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We are hekken. Sink and Faucet Company.

A hekken X-Square sink is internationally famous with name of Farmhouse, or apron front sink, will be the centre piece of your kitchen and looks fabulous from any vantage point. This is a sink that doesn’t shy away from attention. Beyond its stylish good looks are real functional benefits. Our farmhouse sink is cleverly designed so the bowl is closer to you and more accessible. Since you spend so much kitchen time in front of the sink, it’s just makes sense.
So, there you have it, hand crafted beauty to give you years of pleasure. Good looks and an easy-to-care-for finish; big, deep, spacious sink bowls, sink accessories and waste fittings included and the peace of mind associated with a lifetime warranty all add up to a product you will enjoy today and tomorrow.

Technical Specification

Outer Dimensions : (L)720x(W)480x(D)228mm 28x19x9inch
Bowl Dimensions : 670x370x228mm 26x15x9inch
Thickness : 1.2 mm
AISI 18/10 SS304
Grade : 304 Stainless Steel
Finish : International Satin Finish
Pack Content : Square drain, Drain pipe

Model : hék-Xsquare-7248


Optional Accessories


Chopping Board

Model: hek-Chop-2843


Roll mat



Soap dispenser